Great ambitions are rarely met with a sufficiency of time. That’s the case with this website and the other projects I always have on the go. To paraphrase the Genie from Aladdin, great ambitions, itty-bitty time and space. It’s easy to let the TODO list become that of reasons why you don’t launch — a false choice between all or nothing.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Instead I’m going choosing to see this for what it really is, an opportunity. What better motivation could there be than the urge to fix the rough edges of the early embarrassing work? What better encouragement than seeing the progress measures in units shipped? What better opportunity to evaluate and validate work and determine if it has become what it sought to be (whether a project realized and completed, or and experiment to be set aside) or if it is still becoming?

Results are rarely indicative of the effort required to achieve them. In adopting a “build in public” approach I hope to share some of that story. But more than that, I hope to share the easy and hard-won learnings gained along the way all these years with the hope that others may, as I have, save themselves even just a little effort of their own through that of others.