Jeremy Harper

How it started:

Building websites in the mid-1990s with a basic text editor and FTP-ing them to a server over dial-up.

How its going:

Full-stack developer for Benevity helping to power billions of dollars in annually donations to charitable organizations around the world.

My personal hobby space to I tryout new ideas and write about personal projects I’m working on and whatever I’m nerding out about, including:

  • web and software development
  • design and UI/UX theories and best practices
  • accessibility and performance
  • cloud native engineering patterns
  • testing (unit, characterization, integration, end-to-end, and load testing)
  • VR
  • crypto
  • etc….

Current projects I’ll be building in public include:

  • Design System & Style Guide builder
  • Scroll animation trigger manager
  • Database/ORM code generator for desired programming lanaguage/framework derived from the database schema

All opinions are my own.